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At PIAS Credit Union, we don't believe in charging you fees for regular services. However, sometimes the policies that cover these services are broken. To cover the cost of operating "outside the rules," the following fees apply:

 Regular Share Accounts:

Excessive withdrawals 
(over 2 per month)

$10.00 each

NSF Deposit

$30.00 per item


$30.00 per item

ACH Payments

$10.00 per item

Dormant Account

$10.00 per month

Statement Copies

$5.00 per page

Stop Payment Fee
$20.00 per item

 Share Draft Accounts:

Service Charges


Draft Copies

$5.00 each

Stop Payment

$20.00 per item

NSF Deposit

$30.00 per item

NSF Draft

$30.00 per item


$30.00 per item


$30.00 per item

Dormant Account

$10.00 per month

Statement Copies

$5.00 per page

Overdraft Transfer Fee

$10.00 per transfer

Check Re-order

price varies depending on style


Early Withdrawal Penalty

90-days int. on 6 mo.
180-days on all others


Delinquent over 14 days

$5.00 or 5% of payment, whichever is greater

NSF Payment

$30.00 per occurrence

Loan Origination Fee

$20.00 per application




Account Re-opening Fee

$30.00 (if within 90 days of closing)

Christmas Club

$10.00 per withdrawal outside "open season"
(2 free withdrawals
Nov. 1st - Jan. 31st)

Incorrect Address Fee

$10.00 per statement returned

Outgoing Wire Transfer Fee

$20.00 per transfer

Verification of deposits



Your savings federally insured to
at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government. National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency.

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